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MediSwitch products

Effective, affordable solutions.

Our product mix offers a range of solutions so that you can enjoy advanced claims management and faster payments with less hassle. Let us help you choose the best solutions for your business.

Real-time claiming

SwitchOn gives you an immediate online response to every claim, including instant member checks where this information is available from the destination. SwitchOn is about reducing claim-payment cycles because a healthy cash flow makes for a healthy practice.

Medical scheme responses (Medres)

Medres allows you to track and manage all submitted claims and receive comprehensive responses from either the medical scheme or MediSwitch.

Electronic Remittance Advices (eRAs)

The eRAs function keeps track of paid claims and simplifies your reconciliation processes with limited manual intervention. You can register to receive auto-reconcilable remittances to reduce allocation errors and administrative workloads.

Claim reversals

Optometrists use this feature to determine if a claim will be paid immediately. You can easily reverse the claim if, for whatever reason, the scheme does not pay the full claim amount.

Member Status Validation (MSV)

Validate your patient’s scheme membership information to ensure that you have the correct patient name, date of birth, dependant codes, and more. You receive one free MSV for every claim submitted so, for example, if you submit five claims you’re entitled to five free MSVs.

Benefit Check

Reduce potential bad debts by checking the availability of the patient’s medical aid funds before administering treatment. Benefit checking enables you to submit a quote to the scheme and receive verification of how much will be paid by the medical aid on behalf of the patient.

Use the form to tell us what you need, and we’ll let you know which product mix could work for you.