We continuously invest in research and development in order to refine and improve our products, ensuring that our offering is meaningful, relevant and adds value to the industry.

We have built our competitive advantage around:

  • Online claiming via the MediSwitch ‘Now or Later’™ methodology.
  • An extensive claim validation process based on the specific administrative requirements of each healthcare funder.
  • The delivery of claims in a format and layout that complies with the requirements of each specific healthcare funder, thus ensuring that claims can be rapidly assessed and paid.
  • Electronic real-time or batch claim delivery to healthcare funders.
  • Online Membership Status Validation (MSV)
  • electronic Remittance Advice (eRA) delivery incorporating a process to auto-allocate payments.
  • A dedicated MediSwitch Electronic Messaging System (SEMS) that avoids the security issues inherent to the Internet.
  • Ensuring continuous systems availability through two independent, interlinked systems hosted at separate locations.

» SwítchOn

Advanced claims management has arrived…

For healthcare professionals who demand greater efficiency when it comes to electronic claims management, the wait is over. With SwítchOn, comes improved cash flow, reduced exposure to financial risk, less administration and greater control.

The SwítchOn process, which is based on the SwítchClaim Now or Later™ methodology of online claiming, enables practices to receive online responses for all claims submitted via MediSwitch regardless of the online capabilities of the schemes and administrators.

After treatment has been rendered, the time it takes to collect and allocate payment can make all the difference. It’s about reducing claim-payment cycles because a healthy cash flow makes for a healthy practice.

When a claim is submitted, the last thing you want is uncertainty. You don’t want unnecessary hassles or the surprise of a patient’s membership number being rejected as invalid. SwítchOn gives you an immediate online response to every claim with instant member checks for all schemes that makes this facility available – either through the supply of cardholder files or through their online facility.

A healthy practice needs access to a claims management system that is easy, reliable, flexible and provides extensive management control. You get all that with SwítchOn.

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» SwítchComm Plus for QEDI

A new paradigm in electronic claiming…

SwítchComm Plus is the latest communications software used by QEDI practices to transmit electronic claims to and from MediSwitch.

SwítchComm Plus enables practices to submit online claims to MediSwitch, where they are instantly assessed (IAC) before being sent to the medical schemes and administrators for adjudication and payment; and, in the same connection, the IAC responses to these claims are automatically returned. In addition, SwítchComm Plus will return scheme responses from participating destinations as soon as these are made available.

Over the next few months, MediSwitch will initiate the auto-upgrade of all existing QEDI SwítchComm users to SwítchComm Plus.

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» SwítchComm

SwítchComm is the windows based communication programme currently used by QEDI users to transmit claims and to receive responses from MediSwitch.

SwítchComm includes SwítchViewer that provides the functionality to either view or print feedback reports and electronic Remittance Advices. Feedback reports detail the claims validation responses returned by MediSwitch and are a valuable claims management aid.

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» MediSwitch

Online, real time electronic claiming within pharmacies is an absolute necessity. This need was identified and in response, MediSwitch was born. The MediSwitch application is developed as an integral function of the pharmacy dispensing system, thus allowing the pharmacy to electronically claim for dispensed medicines as a natural process of the dispensing workflow.

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