At MediSwitch we pride ourselves on delivering services to our customers at the highest possible level. Below are testimonials from those who use our services.


To whom it may concern

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mediswitch on the new SwitchOn integration with Elixir. It is absolutely amazing! Well worth the wait! We are receiving an immediate feedback from all MHG medical aids including Gems and Polmed, as well as Discovery and Liberty Medical Aid, which is fantastic! We know straight away what is being paid and what isn’t, it gives the reason as to why it isn’t paid and any amounts that aren’t paid are automatically transferred to the patient column!
When you try to put a claim through for a patient that has resigned or has incorrect dependant code or date of birth it alerts you that you cannot use that dependant and why! Before you even post the claim! SwitchOn is both cost effective and time sav-ing and I would recommend it to anyone needing immediate feedback!

Wishing you all the best for the future and may you grow from strength to strength!

Kind regards

Vicky van der Merwe



Dear Sir/Madam

Medi-Clinic hereby recommends the service of Switch for the purpose of transmitting claims between hospitals and funders within the South Africa.
Medi-Clinic has utilised the services of Switch since 1998/2000, and has receives an excellent service to date.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information in this regatd.

Muneer Omar
Manager: Patient Administration
Medi-Clinic Southern africa


Drs Dietrich, Voigt, Mia & Partners

Re: Letter of reference – Digital Healthcare Switch (Pty) Ltd

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Digital Healthcare Switch (Pty) Ltd to you. During the past eight years, our team has worked directly with Malan Smit (Regional Manager – Cape) and Tracy Poulton (Key Account Manager) on numerous projects. We believe that their creativity and knowledge in Healthcare Electronic Switching has played a major role in reducing our Debtors days.
Digital Healthcare Switch (Pty) Ltd offers top-notch quality, service and rates. Across the board, we are always pleased with their work and they have always been dependable, straightforward and honest.
We confidently recommend Digital Healthcare Switch (Pty) Ltd as a solid and reliable Healthcare Electronic Switching Company, and experts in their field.
Yours faithfully

Martin Stander
Director – Debtors Administration


WP Blood Transfusion Service

Dear Sir/Madam

To whom it may concern,
The Western Province Blood Transfusion Service has been a client of Switch since February 2005 sending batch claims to all major medical aids. The service and support from Switch has been excellent, efficient and professional on both Software and Hardware.
We are a bit different to most medical practices as we have two practice numbers one for Blood Transfusion and one for Pathology. We have our own internal codes and a translator has to be written for certain medical aids. All our codes has to be manually mapped for certain medical aids as we are one of two Blood Transfusion Services in South Africa.
We have thus far with the help of Switch managed to effectively send 70% of our schemes electronically.
Yours truly.
Elaine Erasmus
Credit Control Supervisor