Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as a communication protocol allows healthcare professionals to exchange claim and other relevant information with medical schemes, managed care organisations, pathology labs, hospitals, clinics and all other players in the health community.

MediSwitch developed the infrastructure to ensure comprehensive and effective communication between all the players. In this section we tell you more about:

» Electronic claims submission
» Online Services
   - WEBDesk

With more than 21 years of experience in electronic claims validation, we can help you, the healthcare professional, to improve your cash flow dramatically and manage your debtor’s book more effectively through the use of electronic claim submissions and the available value added services.

Electronic Claims Submission
Our business philosophy is simple: we help healthcare professionals run their businesses more profitably. Everything MediSwitch does is evaluated and tested against this purpose. Claims are delivered electronically to more than 180 medical schemes on a daily basis.
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The WEBDesk has been designed for ease-of-use and has several features that are not only unique to MediSwitch, but are designed to ensure that you have easy access to vital business information that will ensure that you have a healthy and vital practice.
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