It’s a new paradigm.
For healthcare professionals who demand greater efficiency when it comes to electronic claims management, the wait is over. With SwitchOn, comes improved cash flow, reduced exposure to financial risk, less administration and greater control.

The importance of efficiency.
After treatment has been rendered, the time it takes to collect and allocate payment can make all the difference. It’s about reducing claim-payment cycles because a healthy cash flow makes for a healthy practice.

When a claim is submitted, the last thing you want is uncertainty. You don’t want unnecessary hassles or the surprise of a patient’s membership number being rejected as invalid. SwitchOn gives you an immediate online response to every claim with instant member checks where this information is available from the destination.

A healthy practice needs access to a claims management system that is easy, reliable, flexible and provides extensive management control. You get all that with SwitchOn.

The SwítchOn process.

Extensive features.
In addition to all the standard features required for effective claims management, SwitchOn boasts the Now or Later™ methodology of online claiming. Additional features include:

  • Instantly Assessed Claims (IAC)
  • Membership Status Validation (MSV)
  • Auto-allocation of electronic Remittance Advice payments (eRA)
  • A built-in navigator to track and manage claims
  • Seamless integration with leading PMA’s
  • A dedicated electronic messaging system that avoids the security issues of the Internet
  • Free training and toll free support

SwitchOn Components:

» SwitchClaim™

  • Now or Later™ methodology of online claiming.
  • Includes Instantly Assessed Claims™ (IAC).
  • Returns an online response for every claim.

» SwitchNavigator™
    • Single access to all SwitchClaim™ information.
    • Search and filter facilities for effective claims tracking.
    • View, print & manage claims by status indicator & reference number.

» Membership Status Validation™ (MSV)

  • Check medical scheme membership status from within your PMA.
  • Includes facilities to submit single or multiple queries.
  • Responses from participating schemes that include patient detail updates.

» electronic Remittance Advices (eRAs)

  • eRAs from participating medical schemes are automatically uploaded to your PMA.
  • Payments can be auto-allocated against original claims; or
  • Manually allocated from exception reports.

» SwitchActivator

  • A destination codes file is provided to manage transaction types.
  • Includes facilities to automatically activate all schemes; or
  • Manually activate selected schemes for SwitchOn.

» Switch Communications Module

  • Provides the mechanism via which data is transferred between the PMA and SEMS (Swítch Electronic Messaging System).
  • Includes informative user interfaces with quick view and print options.
  • Can be configured for single user or network environments.