Benefits of using an integrated online switching service

Claiming from medical schemes is often a time consuming and frustrating process for medical practices. Fortunately most of these headaches can be solved with a claims switching service that is easy-to-use, reliable, flexible and provides extensive claims management control. The key to the latter is an integrated online claiming service that includes built-in claims tracking tools.

With the right functionality, your practice can manage its claim-payment cycles more efficiently by being in a position to react to medical scheme responses – that are received in real time – while the patient is still at the practice.

As a healthcare professional who expects greater efficiency when it comes to electronic claims management, you are well advised to choose an online switching solution that is fully integrated into your practice management application (PMA) and that includes a comprehensive claims management toolset.

Online claiming offers significant advantages:
  • Member status validation (MSV): Confirm your patient’s scheme membership information to ensure that you have the correct patient name, date of birth, dependant codes, etc. You receive one free MSV for every claim you submit.
  • Benefit check: Check that the patient has the necessary medical aid funds available before you administer treatment. You simply send a quote to the scheme and receive verification of the amount the scheme will pay on behalf of the patient. The risk of bad debts is all but eliminated.
  • Online claiming: Get an immediate online response from participating medical schemes to every claim you submit. A shorter claim-payment cycle contributes to the healthy cash flow that makes for a healthy practice.
  • Now or later: Not all practices operate the same, hence online claiming allows you to choose whether to send your claims immediately (now) or later. Either way, you receive instant responses from participating schemes.
  • Claim reversal: Enables you to electronically reverse claims submitted to participating medical schemes.
  • Electronic remittance advices (eRAs): Keep track of paid claims and simplify your reconciliation processes with limited manual intervention. Register to receive auto-reconcilable remittances in order to reduce allocation errors and administrative workloads.
  • SwitchNavigator: Track and manage all claims submitted and eRAs received, so you can immediately react to prompts from either the medical schemes or MediSwitch from within your PMA.
Now that you know what to look for when you are shopping around for a healthcare switching service, your practice is set to benefit from the best technology has to offer.