Scheme Update for Disciplines 014 and 015

Dear Valued Client,

The following disciplines, 014 and 015 can now send their claims electronically via MediSwitch for Renaissance, Namdeb, Road Contractors Company (RCC), Napotel to Prosperity Health Namibia.

The QEDI, SwitchOn and MediSwitch Destination codes  as follows:
Renaissance Health Medical Scheme Destination Code: QEDI:257P MediSwitch: RHMF0001
Namdeb Medical Aid Destination Code: QEDI:258P MediSwitch: NMAS0002
Road contractors medical aid scheme Destination Code: QEDI:366P MediSwitch: RCMA0001
Napotel medical aid fund Destination Code: QEDI:260P MediSwitch: NMAF0009

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