Mission, Vision & Values

Our Purpose & Competencies
Our business purpose is to drive higher competency in healthcare administration.
Our core competency lies in the facilitation of electronic transaction services in healthcare.

Our Mission
We interconnect healthcare businesses through a secure and cost effective private communications network for the electronic interchange of healthcare data  between disparate systems resulting in administration efficiencies.

Our Vision
To be the first choice provider of transaction flows within the healthcare industry.

Our Values
  • Professionalism:
We do it right, first time, every time. We make good on every promise, every deadline.
Our financial performance commands respect.
  • "Will do" attitude:

Every customer is the most important customer. No request is too difficult, too small, or too large.

  • Integrity:
Our intentions are transparent and sincere.We compete with a vengeance but we play fair.
  •  Ability to attract top people:

We are the greatest, most rewarding place to be. We just love the taste of winning!